Written and directed by Mark Brennan, Tea for Two takes a classic British situation comedy setup and gives it a modern cinematic twist. 

Television stars John Challis (Only Fools and Horses, Doctor Who) and Amanda Barrie (Carry On Cleo, Bad Girls, Coronation Street) play Jim and Alice, who we meet serving behind the counter of an idyllic British tea shop. All is not as it seems, however, as their lunch time customers, brilliantly played by William Postlethwaite (The Suspicions of Mr Whicher) and Abigail Parmenter (The Longest Night, The Crown) soon find out. The film also boasts fantastic support from James Hamer-Morton (The Fitzroy).

In addition to a successful crowd-funding campaign, Tea For Two also enjoyed significant support from luxury cake creators Fiona Cairns. Not only did they come on board as Executive Producers, but they also provided the stunning array of cakes that can be seen in the film. Props and set dressing never tasted so good!

Tea For Two was co-produced with Mini Productions.

Director: Mark Brennan

Producers: April Kelley & Sara Huxley

Writer: Mark Brennan

Director of Photography: Lorenzo Levrini

Editor: Carl Austin

Cast: John Challis, Amanda Barrie, William Postlethwaite, Abigail Parmenter & James Hamer-Morton