Director: Mark Brennan

Producers: Mark Brennan & Geoff Harmer

Writers: Carl Austin & Mark Brennan

Director of Photography: Carl Austin

Editor: Carl Austin

Cast: Paul F Taylor, Lauren Shotton

A hapless, down-trodden worker discovers a new, hi-tech way to explore fantasies of his office crush.

SoulMatrix was the most recent of our zero-budget short films, shot entirely in one day around Basingstoke, Hampshire. 

A comedic look at loneliness in an ever-increasingly connected world, SoulMatrix was our first experimentation with visual effects and specially-produced props - who wouldn't want a Holobox? The film stars prolific stand up comedian Paul F. Taylor, who has performed packed-out one-man shows at the Edinburgh Festival, and Lauren Shotton, a founding member of the improv comedy group Chuckleduster and also appeared in the Harry Potter series.

SoulMatrix was awarded Best Comedy, Best Editing and a prestigious Diamond award at BIAFF, and also selected to represent the UK at UNICA 2014.  

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