Lion's Den

Director: Mark Brennan

Cast: Daniel Hill & April Kelley



Director: Mark Brennan

Producers: Mark Brennan & Sara Huxley

Writer: Mark Brennan

Director of Photography: Tom Allen

Editor: Carl Austin

Cast: April Kelley & Daniel Hill

Lion's Den is a short film looking at the unexpected and unintended consequences of speaking your mind on social media.


April Kelley (Annie Waits, Soror) plays Chelsea, a young woman who has just tweeted something she thought was really funny. However, the rest of the world disagrees and is letting her know it. Daniel Hill (Waiting For God, Broadchurch) plays her therapist who she bursts in on in a panic to plead her innocence and prove she's not the vapid person the world now thinks she is - or is she?

Lion's Den was shot in one day and originally intended as a showreel piece, written specifically for April.